Monday, January 4, 2010

Consumers Have Embraced Online Shopping But Are Retailers Doing Enough To Capitalise?

A few years ago Australian Internet users where wary of Internet shopping, giving their credit card details online was a major concern. They were happy to shop from brands they knew & trusted such as Qantas, Jetstar, eBay but that was about it. All that has now changed - trust in the medium has been established.

Nielsen Netratings reports that 9.5 million Australians visited an online shopping site in Nov! A study conducted by CoreData revealed that 85% of Aussies online bought a product on the Internet in December. These numbers are astounding & fabulous.

The consumers have caught up to the technology but retailers are still not capitalising enough on the opportunity, in particular Fashion Retailers. Majority of advertising dollars are still spent on Magazine, press & TV.

AdRelevance reports that Diesel Fashion's advertising presence online only added up to 3.8 million impressions in 2009, Lacoste only 766,000 impressions, Sheike only 75,000 impressions.

The opportunities are endless & massive online for Fashion retailers and it's time a brand stepped up to lead the market.


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