Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Advertising on ATM Machines Has Finally Arrived!

Millions of Australians use ATM machines everyday, the ATM’s are usually in and around entertainment & retail venues, consumers have the money in their hands & are ready to buy. In short, the medium has reach, proximity to purchase/consumption outlets & the consumer have the tools to buy (money) in their hands – absolutely perfect. It’s a wonder that it took so long for it to become a viable advertising platform.

Last month independent ATM operator CashCards announced that they were ready to accept advertising across their 5,500 ATMs nationally (post a test run with a charity advertiser). Super exciting!

The details of the medium are this:

- They accept onscreen ads as well as ads/coupons on the back of printed receipts
- They are able to implement Location targeting & time of day targeting
- The cost is expected to be around $30 - $50 per month per machine

It will be interesting to get to the bottom of their tracking & reporting capabilities. More to report post my meeting with them next week.


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