Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh dear...hanging with friends & family takes second place to our 'computer alone time'

Well this piece of research will give the "technology has made us anti-social" war cries a solid backing!

 Roy Morgan has just released a piece of research from the "State Of The Nation" study which shows that traditional past times of entertaining friends & enjoying the outdoors have now been surpassed by the house hold computer.


Traditional Australian pastimes of entertaining friends and enjoying the outdoors have now been surpassed by the household computer, according to the Roy Morgan State of the Nation report, a major study of Australians spanning over a decade with almost a million interviews. 

In the twelve months to December 2010, 80% of the population used a computer at home, up dramatically from 48% in March 1999. In the same period there have been real changes in Australian leisure activities.

The largest leisure activity decline was the day trip in the car, which slipped from 50% to 40% between March 1999 and December 2010. Other notable drop-offs include entertaining friends and relatives, down from 71% to 65%, in steady decline since March 1999, and seeing movies is down from 50% to 46%.

However, Australians have continued to visit professional sporting events, and galleries and museums at similar rates to March 1999.

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