Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Internet Is the Most Useful Medium For Finding Health & Well Being Information...

Roy Morgan has just released a study which shows that Australian's now find the Internet to be the most useful medium in finding health & well being information. "No kidding" was my first thought but my second thoughts was that it's good for reputable consumer research companies to verify what we have known for quite a while. Here is a snippet, enjoy!

Australians now say Internet is the most useful media for information about Health, Wellbeing and Fitness products. Magazines and newspapers more valued amongst the older population, according to Roy Morgan Health MAP, a major new study of Australian Health, Wellbeing and Fitness spanning some  5 years and over 100, 000 interviews.
When Australians aged 14+ were asked which media they considered “most useful for providing information on Health, Wellbeing or Fitness,” 28% nominated Internet and 25% Magazines (estimated at 5 and 4.5 million respectively), whilst about half as many (13%) nominated Newspapers.

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