Sunday, November 29, 2009

Newspapers are not the only ones losing out to the internet...

Magazine are also suffering but non more than Playboy, The Australian is reporting today that Playboy has taken a massive hit in subscription numbers over the last few years losing out to Internet Porn.

Playboy's subscription numbers have gone from 7 million in the 70's to only 2 million per month. Subscription numbers have more than halved in the last 4 years!

You only have to look at Australia's internet usage to see the truth in the report - a quarter of the Australian internet users visited a porn site in October*: this equates to 3.4 million Aussies.
They visited a porn site 7 times on average and spent 1 hour & 46 minutes of their online time there.

Interesting read:


*Nielsen Netratings

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