Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Behavioural Targeting Has Well & Truely Arrived in Australia But The U.S Is Still Miles Ahead

Behavioural targeting has arrived in Australia with a bang! All major publishers have firmed up their capabilities & are now offering this as a standard buy: Yahoo!7, Fairfax Digital, News Digital Media, Ninemsn & bless Sensis Media Smart who was offering this 7 years ago...

You can now easily buy media based on set consumer segments or create your own bespoke one if you get a brief soon enough - all very sexy but the U.S has been on this train for years and years & they are now taking it to the next level. Have you heard of Behavioural Cloning? Well take note, because it's the next big thing in this category.

This is basically turning behavioural targeting on it's head; instead targeting users based on a desired demonstrated behaviour online, clients analyse their own consumer segments and how they behave on the web and then buy media against web users who demonstrate the same behaviours. It's basically finding clones of your own customers. The response rates & conversion rates are reported to be off the charts.

I've done some checking & no one in Australia has this capability at the moments but I'm working on it so stay tuned.

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