Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adults making Facebook ‘uncool’ for Teens…

Remember the cool place you used to hang out at with your friends when you were a teenager? The no parent zone where you could do what you liked, say what you liked & misbehave to your hearts content without your parents finding out? Now imagine if that place was suddenly the cool place for your parents too.  And they don’t just sit in the corner with their own friends but right next to you, looking over your shoulder, joining your conversation & LOLing at your jokes.  Welcome to a Teen’s life on Facebook.

In the beginning Facebook was just the place for teens & their friends. It has been taken over by the adults & teens are diversifying fast to more private forums (they are still keeping their Facebook account however).  

So where are they shifting their social efforts to next? Twitter! They love the privacy & anonymity!

This was always going to happen wasn’t it? …Remember Myspace?

Fantastic article in USATODAY, have a read here:

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