Thursday, June 30, 2011

“What have you done for me lately?” Consumer expectation from brands they connect with in social media environments.

Sensis released a fantastic social media study last week which outlined that consumers expect discounts/vouchers/special offers from brands they connect with on social media environments.

Inversely majority of Australian brands on social media are there to just ‘connect’ with their consumers & no doubt build their ‘Earned Media’ presence by  inviting comments/ratings & reviews. Only 29% of small businesses, 28% of large business & 49% of media sized businesses use social media to offer discounts & special offers. Quite a big disconnect between what consumers want & what brands are delivering.

A key question to ask when planning your social media strategy is “what real value can we bring to our consumers?” because that sure is what they are expecting.

Mehrak Saheb
Prophesy Digital 

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